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World Series of Poker

With the onset of 2004, the situation as well as the attitude of the pоker players themselves to this great poker event has changed. And, thanks to a simple accountant named Chris Moneymaker, who was originally from Georgia. He then managed to win a PokerStars satellite at the Main Event in 2003, take part in it and brilliantly beat all the professionals. The prize, which went to Chris Moneymaker, amounted to two and a half million American dollars – this game was worth such a candle. After this, the poker story began a new countdown. Began a real boom dedicated to the game of poker. People who were far from poker before were eager to repeat the experience of a non-professional player and win their own Jackpot. Someone played at real poker tables, someone played on the Internet, and a small room PokerStars, thanks to Mr. Moneymaker, became the abode of excitement in the poker industry.
Not surprisingly, as a result of the above events, the audience of those who wanted to participate in the World Series of Poker began to grow. And, once there were new players, it means that the amount of the prize pool also became much more. So, already in 2006, the winner named Jamie Gold managed to get a prize, the amount of which was already twelve million American dollars. Some of us do not make that kind of money in a lifetime, and Jamie Gold won it in one evening. However, the cloudless picture was somewhat complicated by problems with legislation in America, and the World Series of Poker was no longer selected via satellite on the Internet, as a result, the number of those who could participate in this poker event again began to decrease. However, if you win the Main Event, at least eight million US dollars, you can still count.
Series of tournaments and our players
In 2008, a Russian poker player named Ivan Demidov took part in the world series of poker, but stopped a few steps away from a victory, and, losing heads up, left the victory to a Danish poker player. However, the success of Demidov still played its historical role, and the number of Russian players in the world poker arenas increased. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year at least one of the bracelets of the world series falls into the hands of our compatriots.

Is there a dope in poker

It’s no secret that using doping, athletes are able to show the result that would have been impossible without these “helpers.” And given the fact that, to some extent, poker can also be attributed to the sport, many players are interested in the issue of the existence of drugs that can help control emotions to increase the effectiveness of the game. Learn more about the psychology of poker here.
And in this case, it is not about physical strength, but about the ability to focus on the process, maintain composure and endurance, cope with emotions, memorize large amounts of information and so on. Modern pharmacology can offer players certain means, like methods of self-control. But they should be used in specific situations.
What drugs can be used by poker players, and is it worth it?
So, for those who love offline poker, associated with an impressive stress load, but have not learned to control their own emotional manifestations, suitable tools belonging to the category of beta-blockers. They help to get rid of such unacceptable manifestations in the game, such as facial flushing and trembling, as well as cope with the negative impact on the body stress state.
If you participate in a tournament that can take a lot of time, it is important not to fall asleep at the table and continue to maintain concentration. This problem can be solved by the usual caffeine, which is contained in both the classic drink and the currently popular energy drinks. Of course, there are pharmacological drugs that have a similar effect, but their use is unjustified, provided that such affordable and relatively safe analogues are available.
Special attention of the players deserve the funds combined in a group called neurometabolic stimulants. Even from these words it becomes quite clear that their main goal is to stimulate the work of the human brain. Of course, not a single player will refuse to give up such a dope, because with an increase in abilities, the chances of winning will automatically increase. However, the effect of the overwhelming majority of such drugs has not yet been proven or is confirmed only partially.

Sloaloll poker

In offline poker, it is often possible to observe how players in world tournaments play back. Although more often there are still insta-calls with nuts, however, sloweroll also occurs. Such actions are immediately visible to almost everyone: the players themselves and the people watching the game. Everyone knows well that this is a manifestation of disrespect for other players.
There can be a lot of examples of a slauroll, but you should understand that any player’s actions aimed at convincing an opponent in his victory can definitely fall under the definition of a “slauroll”.
There are cases in the history of the world of offline poker, where slouoll did not cause a negative reaction, but rather an understanding and a smile. If we consider the distribution with the participation of the player Jack Uri, who at the time was 96 years old, then the reason for his slow action was certainly not the slowroll. Owing to his age, most likely, he simply could not quickly turn over his cards in a showdown.
Why is slowrolit bad?
There are two good reasons for this. The first is a manifestation of disrespect for the opponent. The second reason is a complete contradiction to the rule of absolute honesty in poker.
If you have the nuts, and all the money is in the center of the game table, then there is no point in pulling the process of the game. You know that victory is yours, so do not try to disguise it.
Be that as it may, you cannot force an opponent not to be slow-sloped. This is a personal matter of each player and a question of education. If you are covered up, the opponent showed his true face and thus lost the respect of other players, becoming a real victim of his own slowroll.
The concept of slauroll is sometimes confused with slowplay. Under slowplay understand the passive rally of a strong hand. Slowall is intentional actions aimed at convincing an opponent in his victory, this technique is actively studied in poker lessons.

Strategy mtt

If you have set a goal to learn how to win in MTT tournaments, then the first thing you have to do is learn the strategy of MTT. MTT tournaments (in other words, multi-table tournaments with a large number of players) can bring you a good profit from poker, but for this, at least, you need to get into the top ten winners.
This is not so easy to achieve, but it is quite possible if you own the strategy of the game in MTT.
The main points that you need to pay attention in the first place:
there is always a huge number of participants in MTT poker;
the desire to hold out in an MTT tournament as long as possible;
the goal is to take the highest place in the tournament and get the highest possible profit.
Early stage MTT tournament
Suppose that at this stage your stack size is more than 24 BB (big blinds).
Here you need to play very carefully. No need to invest in your own insufficiently strong hands. However, with the possibility of a cheap call, you can make a strong combination on the flop, thereby increasing your stack.
Considering this, you call with any pocket pairs (before QQ), cards of the same suit with T, or suited connectors if you haven’t been raised. If your bet is raised, then it makes no sense to hope for luck, it is more correct to fold. Sometimes you can really get lucky and go to the right card, but there will be few such cases, and in the long run you will definitely be in the red. Therefore, you shouldn’t hope for good luck here, fold.
When the flop comes, you only need to continue the game if you managed to make a more or less significant combination (straight, set or flush). If this does not happen, then boldly check or discard cards in response to someone’s bet.
If you have the nut combination (i.e., the combination with the senior kicker), the game turns into a maximum profit. Some players are cautious, making calls to the river, so as not to frighten the opponent ahead of time. But here you also need to analyze the board. If you suspect that someone in the future can make a combination stronger than yours, then it is better to make a good bet and pick up the current bank, than to lose even this bank on the last street.

What is doping in poker

In Western countries, players very often mention amphetamines. It is quite obvious that their influence, which is to increase working capacity and activity, strengthen confidence, improve concentration and mood, is desirable for everyone. But we must not forget that these substances are narcotic and can not only cause addiction, but also have an extremely negative impact on health.
There are many drugs that are used to create such components. But very often they are allowed exclusively in some countries, and you can get a prescription for their purchase only if you have a complex disease.
The effect of alcohol on the poker player’s mindset during the game
In addition to drugs, alcohol can also be considered as a kind of doping. Some, even quite successful players, claim that drinking strong drinks during the game allows them to relax and calm down a bit, which helps to make the most informed decisions.
But we must not forget about the negative impact that alcoholic beverages have on the human body, as well as how difficult it is sometimes to stop in time and not lose control of yourself. But even a small dose of alcohol can adversely affect the work of the brain and its ability to adequately perceive reality.
A great option for doping is the choice in favor of proper nutrition. If you add fish, spinach, mussels, walnuts, berries, dark chocolate, mint and other useful products to your diet, you will be able not only to improve the quality of the game, but also to take care of your own health.
Special attention of the players deserve the funds combined in a group called neurometabolic stimulants. Even from these words it becomes quite clear that their main goal is to stimulate the work of the human brain. Of course, not a single player will refuse to give up such a dope, because with an increase in abilities, the chances of winning will automatically increase. However, the effect of the overwhelming majority of such drugs has not yet been proven or is confirmed only partially.