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Is there a dope in poker

It’s no secret that using doping, athletes are able to show the result that would have been impossible without these “helpers.” And given the fact that, to some extent, poker can also be attributed to the sport, many players are interested in the issue of the existence of drugs that can help control emotions to increase the effectiveness of the game. Learn more about the psychology of poker here.
And in this case, it is not about physical strength, but about the ability to focus on the process, maintain composure and endurance, cope with emotions, memorize large amounts of information and so on. Modern pharmacology can offer players certain means, like methods of self-control. But they should be used in specific situations.
What drugs can be used by poker players, and is it worth it?
So, for those who love offline poker, associated with an impressive stress load, but have not learned to control their own emotional manifestations, suitable tools belonging to the category of beta-blockers. They help to get rid of such unacceptable manifestations in the game, such as facial flushing and trembling, as well as cope with the negative impact on the body stress state.
If you participate in a tournament that can take a lot of time, it is important not to fall asleep at the table and continue to maintain concentration. This problem can be solved by the usual caffeine, which is contained in both the classic drink and the currently popular energy drinks. Of course, there are pharmacological drugs that have a similar effect, but their use is unjustified, provided that such affordable and relatively safe analogues are available.
Special attention of the players deserve the funds combined in a group called neurometabolic stimulants. Even from these words it becomes quite clear that their main goal is to stimulate the work of the human brain. Of course, not a single player will refuse to give up such a dope, because with an increase in abilities, the chances of winning will automatically increase. However, the effect of the overwhelming majority of such drugs has not yet been proven or is confirmed only partially.