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Strategy mtt

If you have set a goal to learn how to win in MTT tournaments, then the first thing you have to do is learn the strategy of MTT. MTT tournaments (in other words, multi-table tournaments with a large number of players) can bring you a good profit from poker, but for this, at least, you need to get into the top ten winners.
This is not so easy to achieve, but it is quite possible if you own the strategy of the game in MTT.
The main points that you need to pay attention in the first place:
there is always a huge number of participants in MTT poker;
the desire to hold out in an MTT tournament as long as possible;
the goal is to take the highest place in the tournament and get the highest possible profit.
Early stage MTT tournament
Suppose that at this stage your stack size is more than 24 BB (big blinds).
Here you need to play very carefully. No need to invest in your own insufficiently strong hands. However, with the possibility of a cheap call, you can make a strong combination on the flop, thereby increasing your stack.
Considering this, you call with any pocket pairs (before QQ), cards of the same suit with T, or suited connectors if you haven’t been raised. If your bet is raised, then it makes no sense to hope for luck, it is more correct to fold. Sometimes you can really get lucky and go to the right card, but there will be few such cases, and in the long run you will definitely be in the red. Therefore, you shouldn’t hope for good luck here, fold.
When the flop comes, you only need to continue the game if you managed to make a more or less significant combination (straight, set or flush). If this does not happen, then boldly check or discard cards in response to someone’s bet.
If you have the nut combination (i.e., the combination with the senior kicker), the game turns into a maximum profit. Some players are cautious, making calls to the river, so as not to frighten the opponent ahead of time. But here you also need to analyze the board. If you suspect that someone in the future can make a combination stronger than yours, then it is better to make a good bet and pick up the current bank, than to lose even this bank on the last street.