What is doping in poker

In Western countries, players very often mention amphetamines. It is quite obvious that their influence, which is to increase working capacity and activity, strengthen confidence, improve concentration and mood, is desirable for everyone. But we must not forget that these substances are narcotic and can not only cause addiction, but also have an extremely negative impact on health.
There are many drugs that are used to create such components. But very often they are allowed exclusively in some countries, and you can get a prescription for their purchase only if you have a complex disease.
The effect of alcohol on the poker player’s mindset during the game
In addition to drugs, alcohol can also be considered as a kind of doping. Some, even quite successful players, claim that drinking strong drinks during the game allows them to relax and calm down a bit, which helps to make the most informed decisions.
But we must not forget about the negative impact that alcoholic beverages have on the human body, as well as how difficult it is sometimes to stop in time and not lose control of yourself. But even a small dose of alcohol can adversely affect the work of the brain and its ability to adequately perceive reality.
A great option for doping is the choice in favor of proper nutrition. If you add fish, spinach, mussels, walnuts, berries, dark chocolate, mint and other useful products to your diet, you will be able not only to improve the quality of the game, but also to take care of your own health.
Special attention of the players deserve the funds combined in a group called neurometabolic stimulants. Even from these words it becomes quite clear that their main goal is to stimulate the work of the human brain. Of course, not a single player will refuse to give up such a dope, because with an increase in abilities, the chances of winning will automatically increase. However, the effect of the overwhelming majority of such drugs has not yet been proven or is confirmed only partially.