World Series of Poker

With the onset of 2004, the situation as well as the attitude of the pŠ¾ker players themselves to this great poker event has changed. And, thanks to a simple accountant named Chris Moneymaker, who was originally from Georgia. He then managed to win a PokerStars satellite at the Main Event in 2003, take part in it and brilliantly beat all the professionals. The prize, which went to Chris Moneymaker, amounted to two and a half million American dollars – this game was worth such a candle. After this, the poker story began a new countdown. Began a real boom dedicated to the game of poker. People who were far from poker before were eager to repeat the experience of a non-professional player and win their own Jackpot. Someone played at real poker tables, someone played on the Internet, and a small room PokerStars, thanks to Mr. Moneymaker, became the abode of excitement in the poker industry.
Not surprisingly, as a result of the above events, the audience of those who wanted to participate in the World Series of Poker began to grow. And, once there were new players, it means that the amount of the prize pool also became much more. So, already in 2006, the winner named Jamie Gold managed to get a prize, the amount of which was already twelve million American dollars. Some of us do not make that kind of money in a lifetime, and Jamie Gold won it in one evening. However, the cloudless picture was somewhat complicated by problems with legislation in America, and the World Series of Poker was no longer selected via satellite on the Internet, as a result, the number of those who could participate in this poker event again began to decrease. However, if you win the Main Event, at least eight million US dollars, you can still count.
Series of tournaments and our players
In 2008, a Russian poker player named Ivan Demidov took part in the world series of poker, but stopped a few steps away from a victory, and, losing heads up, left the victory to a Danish poker player. However, the success of Demidov still played its historical role, and the number of Russian players in the world poker arenas increased. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year at least one of the bracelets of the world series falls into the hands of our compatriots.